"Yes, I'm the Photographer"

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"Yes, I'm the photographer."

That phrase is a common response for me as a woman working in photography, a typically male-dominated industry. Often when I show up to photograph an event, I get asked, "Are you the model?" or "YOU'RE the photographer?" — even with a camera in my hand.

Those phrases alone may seem flattering, but they are an indication of the bias and gender-inequality that still exists and is tainting confidence and opportunities for many women.

In addition, I've experienced being pushed over as if I am a sliding door, demanded to move out of the way when I was present first, and talked down upon for my technique.


If you're here, and you're a woman photographer (or know someone) who has experienced situations that undermined their professionalism as a photographer, I'd love to connect. It is my goal to share your stories to build more respect, equality, and opportunities for women photographers to thrive, and to foster a more well-informed industry.


  • Take portraits of women photographers and behind-the-scenes shots of them working (a select few will be photographed in a provided T-shirt for the launch of the project)
  • Interview women about their experiences as a photographer for written, audio and/or video content
  • Create a multimedia page dedicated to sharing these experiences
  • This is an ongoing project, so dates will be corresponded individually

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*This project may change or evolve depending on the input*

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